Thursday, April 7, 2011

Letting Go

In the reading for this week a mother struggles over fearing for her children's safety. She doesn't like that she can't let the fear go. One day her son is severely hurt and she realizes that his safety is out of her control. It is interesting that it took a crisis to actually alleviate her fears and trust that God is in control. Because she had that trust, her son was saved. In the bible verse it also discusses a man's complete faith in Jesus and because of that faith Jesus provided for the man.

I have a couple questions for you:

1. Do you think that if the woman didn't have the trust in God her son wouldn't have been saved?

2. How can you relate this week's reading to the struggles we have been having with the authenticity of the stories in this book?

3. Are there things going on in your life now that you realize you need to let go of and give God control?


  1. This was an accident. Cole was a curious little boy. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. Kari had been praying that God would help her to loosen her hold on her children. God didn't cause this situation, but He did use it to show Kari that she didn't have control over everything and that He would take care of Cole when she couldn't. When she did give God the control, God gave her peace. After we have done what we can, we need to pray and leave the rest up to God. If we trust God and turn over to Him the things that we cannot control, that shows our love for Him and our faith in Him.

    I can't answer whether the child would have died if the woman didn't have trust in God, but I do believe one thing, that our prayers have power. When Kari stepped aside and prayed with confidence, she gave the power and control to God.

  2. I guess I would like to believe that Cole still wouldn't have died if Kari hadn't trusted God. Because sometimes my faith and trust in God isn't as strong as it should be. (The more time we spend with God in prayer and in reading the Bible, the stronger our faith, confidence and love for God will be.) At those times, I would like to believe that the faith and prayers of family and friends are carrying me through the situation.

  3. Even with prayer - I don't think I could ever be calm in a situation like that. It made me think of one time when Jacob made a comment about being surprised that he survived to 25 (or something like that). I think I thought like that too - before I had kids. Now - I'm more afraid that I'll live too long - outlive them. That's more scary then dying.

  4. Prayer is something I need to turn to with my control issues. While reading this I couldn't help but think about how I will be worried about future children constantly. I guess prayer is one thing I have never tried to help me with my issues. Even today, we had an early out and I was going over how I would adjust my lessons to fit everything in before Easter break. I need to not let things I can't control bother me. There is no reason we can't finish what we started when we come back from break. I will need to work on this.