Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Easter Sunday

I must admit that I do find it hard to see a deeper meaning other than the one that's on the surface. That you must have faith in God and follow his word, for He loves you and will always know what's right. However, I am struggling to see the correlation between the story of Bonnie falling into the pond and God saving her with the bible passage of Jonah.

Bonnie was a child who was just curious about the fish in the pond. While Jonah was summoned by God to go to Nineveh, he disobeyed and tried to travel to Tarshish. God caused the sea to go torrent and the sailors threw Jonah overboard. God chose to save Jonah by having a whale swallow him. While in the whale Jonah recognized that he should have just listened to God and followed his word. God forgave Jonah and had the whale carry him to land.

What did you all find from this passage and scripture? I'm curious about all of your insight and what correlation you pulled.

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  1. Meghan, I agree with you, when I read this initially, I couldn't see how these two stories related to each other. While thinking about what you wrote, I think that this story also tells us how God is willing to forgive us and wants us to know Him. God forgave Jonah and saved him. As a result Jonah went to Nineveh and the people repented and were saved. God saved Bonnie, when people hear her story, some are going to repent and be saved.