Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 4: A Series of Miracles

Spoiler Alert! Another sad story with a happy ending. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised, the book is titled "Miracles."

Ok, I'm being serious now. It is amazing that this couple who wanted children is now miraculously able to have them and were able to adopt two healthy girls from China who serendipitously are biological sisters. Oops, there I go again being sarcastic.

HELP! I'm feeling quite cynical tonight. Any guidance?


  1. I think that a couple who can't have kids ending up having kids is pretty common. Isn't that what happened with Pete and Julie Theisen? They were having troubles conceiving and after they adopted their first kid they ended up getting pregnant. I haven't read the bible verse that goes along with this yet, so I can't really help in finding the underlying message of this story too much (aside from the fact that those miracles happen, which is the point of the whole book). I'll write more if I have anything to add later :) I do know how you feel though, Betsy. My first reaction with a lot of these stories has been, Oh brother, not another one of these cliche stories. After I think about them a while and once I read the Bible verse it has helped me get over that reaction.

  2. I also agree with Greta regarding people getting pregnant after adopting - we have another living example - Reggie's family. They adopted Mandy and then became pregnant with Missy and Reggie (thank goodness :) And I've heard story after story of pregnancy after adoption. I think once a couple adopts, they are no longer so stressed out and worried and their bodies do what they are supposed to do. And the story in the Bible is about an old couple - Zechariah and Elizabeth who have not been able to have children. The angel Gabriel visits Zechariah to tell him that he will have a son who should be named John. I wonder if Vince and Sharon named one of their sons John? :)
    And it is neat that the sisters ended up together again. I'll bet when they were taken away, they were put in different orphanages and the parents were told Molly didn't have any siblings so that they would adopt another child from that particular orphanage. In a way, God had them wait so that when they decided to adopt again, the orphanage was closed down and they went to a different one - not that far away (50 miles) and here, found Molly's sister. Awesome!

  3. I believe the part of the adoption of the two girls from China is what this story is about. Perhaps the couple didn't conceive right away and God used this to bring one little girl from China. Then God brought about the miracle of having her sister join them. The bible verse is about a woman who is old and barren. She is past her reproductive years!! God brought about a miracle by her getting pregnant and giving birth to John the Baptist!!! (Lord, I pray that I do not get this miracle in my life!!! :-) What this story and bible verse is telling us is that nothing is impossible with God. Greta and Denise have both made some valid points and given us food for thought in their posts. (Denise, who is Vince & Sharon?)

  4. Vince and Sharon are the people in the story! Another thought - through God, Vince and Sharon waited to adopt the second girl and ended up getting Molly's sister. Through God, Zechariah and Elizabeth had to wait for the perfect time to have the perfect representative for Jesus - John the Baptist. Another lesson is that God knows the right time for things to happen - even though we sometimes feel like we don't want to wait.

  5. I think that is a great point, Denise. I agree that this story is illustrating the fact that although we don't want to wait for things, sometimes it is a good thing to do. God knows when the time is right and we need to trust in that. After my miscarriage I found a saying that really helped, "Worry ends where Faith begins." Although it was a difficult time for me, that really served as a good reminder. Although it might not have been my time to be a mom then, I needed to have faith that God would work everything out in the end. Just like I need to have faith now that He knows the right time for this new little one to come, even though I am impatient and am having a hard time waiting ;)

    It is interesting to think to that not only did God reunite two young sisters through this couple, but think about all of the other things he might have caused through this. The couple stepped out of their comfort zone and adopted children from another country. Maybe by doing this, it offered a new understanding to a different culture and people. They broadened their horizons and opened their minds to the diversity around them. This may have an impact in later years that might set an example for others and create even more change. The impact of what God does and what he has planned is incredible.