Monday, February 28, 2011

Miracle of the Heart

As I read this story I couldn't help but feel sorry for both Kate and Leah (from the scripture).

Kate who is in love with the man she believed was sent to her by God, has to go through a horrible accident to see his true colors in the moment she needed him the most. As she goes through the next year she turns to God asking him to help her learn how to love and bring someone who would accept her for her scars, and to "let her care for a child one day". Soon months turn to years and she still hasn't found love. Kate turns to God and says "God, if you don't want me to find love, if children aren't in my future, so be it. I give my whole life over to you." It is this same day that another horrible accident brings children and love into Kate's life.

I had to read a few passages before and after the one listed to understand more into the meaning. Leah is the older sister to Rachel, but also a wife to Jacob. She was taken on as a wife as a trick from her father, Jacob had never intended to marry Leah and had no desire for her. The scripture says "when the Lord saw that Leah was unloved he opened her womb; but Rachel was barren. After each son that she conceived she believed that this would make Jacob feel some connection to her, but was unsuccessful, after her fourth son she too was then unable to conceive. After some time Leah bears Jacob more children after she gives Jacob her maid as a wife and she finally proclaims that she is happy.

I believe that the section of reading and scripture are pointing out that you need to have faith in God because he has a bigger picture worked out for you. Stop trying to control everything because when He closes one door He will open another, or maybe even a window. Both Kate and Leah had less then ideal situations but God looked after them and found ways for both of them to find love and fulfillment.


  1. Doesn't it seem like we all have the best laid plans - only to have everything turn out exactly the way we weren't planning it? I know I was totally intending to go to college, get married after college and have kids by mid-20s. But I wouldn't have met Chris or have my wonderful boys then. Thing always do seem to turn out for the best - and I agree with Meghan - God is the only one who knows the BIG picture! Good job Meghan with tying together the story and the scripture :)

  2. I also think this passage is showing us that we can find happiness in ways that we least expect. For Leah she had four boys. For the first three, she hoped for love from her husband. But for the last one she praised God instead of hoping for her husband's love. I feel that maybe she realized that although she didn't have the love of her husband, she had the love of her sons and the love of God and so she was happy and satisfied. For Kate, she wanted a husband and a child. She, however, found the children first and then the husband, a man she had known for three years. There are many ways to find happiness, not just the ways that we expect to find it.

  3. I think this passage is about giving up control. Giving up control over our life and giving it to GOD. When Kate said "I give my whole life over to you", that this the day that God answered her prayers. God doesn't just want a part of us, He wants all of us!! He loves us totally and His son died for our sins and He wants us to love Him totally too. If we have our priorities right in life, it's....God, family, work and then everything else.

  4. I think it's about being content with what we have right now, today. As Kristen said about Leah, when she gave birth to her 4th son, she was happy with what she had.